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You want to get more business from existing customers. You want to become more profitable. CustomerPulse™ does exactly that, literally giving you a peek into your customers mind.

CustomerPulse™ for Large Enterprise

As with our standard CustomerPulse™, Survey Advantage leverages all of our tools for the largest of companies. Do you have multiple locations? With CustomerPulse™; Large Enterprise you can view and analyze your reports on a single screen. From multinational corporations, franchise owners, multiple branch offices you get all the tools you need to grow your business and listen to your customers.

Marketing Module

CustomerPulse™ provides with unbelievable data and reporting…but what do you do with it now? With the Marketing Module™ you get easy and actionable steps to use that information. Make direct mail and marketing lists targeted only to people who have asked for more information about a product or service that you offer. Use our amazing tools to keep track of each step of your marketing process. Our Marketing Module™ takes you out of the realm of cold calls and into our unique marketing and lead tracking system.


Would you like to know what your residents really think? ResidentPulse™ is designed to do exactly that by offering a full service process with unbelievable data and reporting. The continuous feedback helps you both retain current residents and generate the referrals you need to keep occupied… and maximizing your occupancy rates means maximizing your profits!

SWOT Analysis

Survey Advantage SurveyScorecard™ uses what is known as a “SWOT” analysis, to look at your performance through the eyes of your customers. We help you pinpoint what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are, where your opportunities lay and what threats you might face.

Consulting Partner Program


Since you already use Survey Advantage, you already know just how useful the information you are getting is. You are already reading your customers minds, building new business from existing customers, generating 5 star testimonials, using our marketing and follow-up tools. So what if you could help your customers the same way? And maybe get two kinds of business out of it?

Our Consulting Partner Program allows you to offer those same things to your customers. It’s another service you can sell them that you already know is affordable and unbelievably useful…and think about this… the more information you collect… the more you can grow!

This is your chance! Jump in now and give your business a boost!

This is your chance! Jump in now and give your business a boost!