Five “Must Haves” to win over new customers

Today, more than ever, prospective customers do online background checks when considering a new business to buy from, even if recommended by a friend. According to a recent YouGov survey of 2,000 consumers under 35 years of age, 55% use social media to vent about a bad customer service. The percentage of customers venting online will only grow over time. It was in the teens just a few years ago. It doesn’t take the inventor of the internet, Al Gore, to know the fastest and most effective way to learn everything about a prospective supplier is to go online. Now let’s look at the prospect’s thought process and determine what you may want to consider to “cover all your bases”.

5 Reasons to Ask for Customer Feedback

Before deploying any type of survey, be clear about what you want to measure. This will drive the makeup of your questions, how you collect the data, and the frequency in which you seek feedback.

Following are the top five benefits of surveys that can help drive new revenue for small and mid-sized business, large enterprises, member organizations, or nonprofits by providing important insights into customer, member or donor wants and needs[…]