We’re starting the New Year off with a bang!

Three quick – important – updates to start off your New Year with a bang: 1) 48-Hour Automated Follow-up for Online 5-Star Reviews Help grow your positive online presence in 2016 by increasing your Social Media reviews. Our 48-Hour Automated Follow-up system for Online Reviews just emerged from our development labs and is ready to […]

Updated Guides and Tips to get the most out of your feedback

Three quick – important – updates to be thankful for this month: 1) Streamlined Website Integration / Installation Guide Section! To display your five-star rating and testimonials from your survey on your Website, our Marketing Module users install a one-time piece of code on your website – a process that typically takes less-than five-minutes. This […]

University of Alabama Birmingham Overhauls Their Customer Feedback

Paula Blackwell Mitchell, Director , UAB Printing and Mailing Services, Birmingham, AL Quick Read “We have gained better insights from customers which has helped us make better business decisions. We’ve also learned how to use customer feedback to build new products and services to meet customers’ needs and to solve their problems. I like the customer dashboard […]

Survey Advantage Recognizes Top Franchise and Independent Printers; Q2, 2015 Awards based on over 24,000 Buyer Reviews

Providence, RI. — August 31, 2015- Survey Advantage released their Print Buyer Satisfaction Index (PBSI™) for the quarter ending June 30, 2015.   Performers in the top quartile achieved greater than 88%; in the top-middle quartile 83-87%; in the bottom-middle quartile 78-86%; the bottom quartile achieved less than 77%.  Q2, 2015 results are based on the […]