East Greenwich, RI. — August 29, 2017– SurveyAdvantage released their Print Buyer Satisfaction Index (PBSI™) for the quarter ending June 30, 2017.   Performers in the top quartile achieved greater than 94%; in the top-middle quartile 90-93%; in the bottom-middle quartile 86-89%; the bottom quartile achieved less than 85%.  Q2, 2017 results are based on the percentage of over 31,000 print buyers who rated their printer on recently completed jobs.

Congratulations to Image360 of West Knoxville, TN for achieving the best overall loyalty rating with 100% of their customers stating they are “Very Likely” to recommend them to other buyers, with 52% of those customers leaving comments.  Below are winners by franchise division, category or peer group.

Category Top Printer City,State Owner/Operator
Alliance Franchise Brands – Allegra Print Division Allegra Marketing Print Mail Portsmouth, NH Cary Chaisson
Franchise Services – Sir Speedy Franchisees Sir Speedy Havertown, PA Michael Brown
Franchise Services – PIP Franchisees PIP Marketing Signs Print of Alaska Anchorage, AK Jan Tatham
Alliance Franchise Brands – Image360 Image360 West Knoxville, TN Shawn Belice
AlphaGraphics Franchisees AlphaGraphics Daytona Beach, FL Jim Kenney
Independent Printers Creative Characters, Inc. Philadelphia, PA Brigid Kaye
Alliance Franchise Brands – Signs Now Signs Now Las Vegas, NV Terry Whalen
Alliance Franchise Brands – Signs By Tomorrow Signs By Tomorrow Owings Mills, MD Charles Winkelman
KKP KKP Belleville, ON Melissa Haig


The benchmark is a compilation of all feedback gathered from over 700 printers participating in CustomerPulse – SurveyAdvantage’s award-winning online service that enables local businesses like printers and sign-makers to react quickly to customer complaints and opportunities, and automatically drive 5-star reviews to Google, Facebook and their website.  The PBSI™ is the most comprehensive measure of print buyer loyalty available in the graphics industry.

To qualify, there must be customer satisfaction data for each of the three months of the quarter in which the award is calculated and there must be no fewer than 15 respondents for the quarter.  An overall winner is chosen by calculating the percentage of customers who indicated they were very likely to recommend the printer.  To break any ties, a percentage is calculated from those who chose to leave a comment.

The vision of the PBSI™ is to improve industry performance through reliable real-time buyer satisfaction benchmarking.

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