Three quick – important – updates to start off your New Year with a bang:

1) 48-Hour Automated Follow-up for Online 5-Star Reviews

Help grow your positive online presence in 2016 by increasing your Social Media reviews. Our 48-Hour Automated Follow-up system for Online Reviews just emerged from our development labs and is ready to email your five-star survey responders 48-hours after they take your survey asking them to leave their glowing comment on your social media profiles. To enable this system for your survey, please go to the “Social Media Reviews” page under the “Marketing Module” tab on your Survey Advantage Dashboard. Once you are on this page, click on the “Automatic Social Media Followup” tab at the top and fill-out the settings panel.

Automated Social Media Followup Config Example

2) Generate Social Media Content from your survey!

Fresh out of the oven, we have just launched a great method for you to generate Social Media posts and content from your survey helping you increase your SEO rating. To use this new feature, creating posts for Twitter, Facebook Walls, Google Plus posts, and many others at with a click of a button, please visit your Publish Testimonials section on your Survey Advantage Dashboard and click the green “ShareThis” button beside the testimonial you wish to share. Sharing testimonials using this tool will make them publicly avialbe for one-off viewing at

ShareThis Example

3) Support for the new Google Reviews!

Within the last few weeks, Google has been rolling out many changes in regards to their review system and Google Plus profiles. The new Google Plus profile pages no longer display your company reviews leaving them only visible via Google Search results. We have worked out this new system providing support for their new review process with your Marketing Module and have updated our existing database. If you are using Google Plus on your thank you pages, you are all set going forward. If you would like to obtain your new Google Review link for use outside of your survey, we currently recommend using the Google Review Link Generating over at


Not running with your Marketing Module? Watch this video to find out more:

Marketing Module Video

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