Three quick – important – updates to be thankful for this month:

1) Streamlined Website Integration / Installation Guide Section!

To display your five-star rating and testimonials from your survey on your Website, our Marketing Module users install a one-time piece of code on your website – a process that typically takes less-than five-minutes. This month we have examined our current process and reviewed our past support experiences to deliver a much more streamlined installation flow! If you haven’t setup your Marketing Module already, we encourage you to take a gander at these new changes found on the “Installation Documentation” tab of the “Support” section on your Survey Advantage Dashboard.

2) Updated Knowledgebase Articles

In addition to simplifying the initial setup process, we have updated our self-help guides on your Survey Advantage Dashboard. To learn more about the tools at your disposal and for more information on how to better survey your customers, please check out the “Knowledgebase” tab under the “Support” section on your dashboard. Want to know how to drill down on customers in your General Report? Want to know how to opt-out emails from your survey? This Knowledgebase section will have your answers!

3) Automate sending us your CustomerPulse lists!

Are you using either PrintSmith Classic, Cyrious Control, or Cyrious SMS? Recently we have been helping customers get started our new export automation process with these three software packages completely streamlining the monthly processes of sending your customerpulse lists. To request more information about this free service please contact For those using a different solution, we will be rolling out support for compatible packages as you request them.

Not running with your Marketing Module? Watch this video to find out more:
Marketing Module Video

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