Three quick – important – updates for our friends:

1) Redesigned Thank You Pages

Are you running with your Marketing Module? Noticed an increase in reviews left on your social media sites this month? We are proud to announce we have redesigned our thank you pages for Marketing Module users to better encourage reviews. Our lastest update has increased social media impressions by 68%! Click here for a preview of our new design. If you have any further improvement ideas, we would love to hear your thoughts at

Not running with your Marketing Module? Watch this video to find out more:

Marketing Module Video

2) Automate sending us your CustomerPulse lists!

Are you using either PrintSmith or Cyrious SMS? Recently we have begun working with locations to roll-out our new export automation process with these two software packages completely steamlining the monthly processes of sending your customerpulse lists. To request more information about this free service please contact For those using a different solution, we will be rolling out support for compatible packages as you request them.

3) New Email Opt-Out Controls!

You are now able to manage your survey opt-out list from the convenience of your Survey Advantage Dashboard! To access your opt-out list please visit your dashboard and click on “Email Opt-Outs” on the left-hand menu under “Email Management”. Once loaded, you will be able to add a new opt-out by clicking the “Add Opt-Out” button in the top-right of this page.

New Email Management Section

Thanks for your loyalty,

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