Three quick updates for our friends:

1) New Email Opt-Out Controls!

You are now able to manage your survey opt-out list from the convenience of your Survey Advantage Dashboard! To access your opt-out list please go to your Survey Advantage Dashboard and click on “Email Opt-Outs” on the left-hand menu under “Email Management”. Once loaded, you will be able to add a new opt-out by clicking the “Add Opt-Out” button in the top-right of this page.

New Email Management Section

2) New Testimonial Star Images!

This month we have enhanced the design of your stars and now offer them in several sizes! Best of all, if you are setup with the iframe already, your website is already benefiting from this refreshing update!

New Star Badge with New Star Styling

3) Star Badges

Released this month, Star Badges give you additional freedom to display your success in two new ways! If you are unable to add HTML code to your website and/or wish to a add a PNG image to display your rating online or in print, you can now obtain your rating image directly (in multiple sizes). Secondly, we now offer the Star Rating badge as a clickable image that pops-up your Testimonial Publisher page. Both of these features can be accessed via your Survey Advantage Dashboard under the Testimonial Publisher Settings.

Not running with your Marketing Module? Watch this video to find out more:

Marketing Module Video

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