Three quick updates for our friends:

1) Quality-Control Changes to Survey Invites

We have started sending your main contacts a copy of your survey invite with each launch to ensure your email evolves with your company. For easier identification, we recently started appending “(QC Alert)” to the end of the first name on these quality-control invites. Your email deduping process is not broken – your customers will still continue to receive one invite every so often just as before. We recommend you look over your invite and click the link to review your survey and thank you page every so often keeping it up to date. If you are not currently receiving this quality-control email, please email and we will build this into your backend process at no charge!

2) Whitelist

With the ground covered in white here in the great north we are striving for hassle-free communication. To ensure optimal messaging with our entire staff and helpdesk solution please WhiteList our entire email-domain “”. Whitelisting the entire domain on your mail-server and email-clients will ensure none of our emails get caught up in your spam filters/folders. Nothing is worse then when you email us support for help and you are unaware that we are trying to get back to you.

3) Set a recurring “Send List” calender event

Don’t let shoveling this winter’s unending snow put a halt on your customer’s feedback – have your computer remind you when you need to send your next file! When we ask our most successful clients their secret to sending their list, they stated it’s simple – they delegate! That’s right! They delegate the job to their Outlook calendar as a recurring task reminding them when a list is due. For somem customers the hardest part of the Survey Advantage program is remembering to send in your list – this process effectively eliminates that issue!

Not running with your Marketing Module? Watch this video to find out more:

Marketing Module Video

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