AlphaGraphics, Seattle, WA

Chuck Stempler, CEO and President, AlphaGraphics Seattle, WA

“This situation with Robin where we uncovered an unhappy customer and took the necessary steps to resolve it based on her survey feedback is an excellent example of how we benefit from using CustomerPulse™ from Survey Advantage.”

The Challenge

Sometimes dissatisfied customers don’t speak up. Your loyal customers expect great products and service so when you slip a little bit, it’s likely they’ll just assume it was a one-time occurrence and accept it without comment. However, they might start looking at your competitors and consider bringing their business elsewhere. Unless you are asking for customer feedback on a regular basis, you have customers out there that aren’t 100% satisfied and they aren’t telling you about it. This leaves you helpless to correct any problems that may exist without your knowledge.

Survey Advantage encourages our clients to embrace the comments and feedback of dissatisfied customers. Instead of viewing these negative responses as a bad thing, it’s important to view your dissatisfied customers’ feedback as an opportunity to correct a wrong and build loyalty. When your customers tell you why they aren’t happy, you have the chance to immediately correct the problem, show them that you value their business, and restore their satisfaction with your company – ultimately building customer loyalty.

The Solution

At AlphaGraphics in Seattle, Timme Brewer didn’t know one of her regular clients was dissatisfied until she completed a CustomerPulse™ survey. Timme’s customer, Robin, has a print job that she brings in regularly for repeat orders. Almost every time, Robin needs the job completed quickly.

Historically, Robin has always been pleased with the quality of the printing and the exceptional service from AlphaGraphics in Seattle. They regularly meet her tight deadlines and she knew she could count on them to deliver on time. With her most recent order, Robin wasn’t completely satisfied with the print quality and there was some miscommunication about how many pieces she needed. She ended up with more than she needed and she knew the quality could be better. Robin wasn’t planning to say anything until the next time she went in with an order. But in the mean time, she received the invitation to complete a CustomerPulse™ survey.

The Result

Robin took the opportunity to communicate her concerns about the quality of the printing and shared that she wasn’t pleased with the reproduction of the artwork. She also called out the discrepancy with quantity. When Timme learned about Robin’s comments in the CustomerPulse™ survey, she immediately called Robin to discuss her concerns. Robin was thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss the order with Timme and she offered to reset the artwork at no charge to Robin and they agreed to work together on preparing some volume pricing so future orders could be processed quickly and in the correct quantity.

If AlphaGraphics in Seattle hadn’t used Survey Advantage to regularly survey their clients, including repeat customers, they never would have known that Robin was beginning to question the service and quality she was receiving from their center. Because Timme was able to address the problems with Robin’s order quickly and to her satisfaction, Robin knows her continued business with AlphaGraphics is valued and she plans to continue bringing her print jobs to their Seattle center.